A note about Richard’s Notes


I’ve been following a web site devoted to the business side of Apple, Inc. for many years. The site was part of a larger news site but was easy to track and participate in without dealing with the larger news site. It also used DISQUS commenting and had been doing so for many years.

Without warning, last night, the site changed domains and changed comment engines (now using livefyre) and so, on Apple’s big announcement day there is chaos at that site, a site devoted to all things Apple. I feel bad for the journalist who runs the site as no doubt these changes happened behind the scenes and it seems, without his knowledge (his readers had no warning).

The site has lost a huge following, not because the site’s author said the wrong thing, but because followers couldn’t easily log on to comment and couldn’t easily find the site as there was no warning that this was going to take place.

This web site

For the past few years I’ve been experimenting with another version of this web site running on the hosted WordPress platform. It has the same theme and the same content going back two years (and some earlier content as well as I’ve had time to move it). Over the two years it’s even picked up a decent following among WordPress users. I think it’s time I published that url here and I urge any of you who frequent this site to add a bookmark and when appropriate make a comment there so that I can get you through the initial moderation process (all first time comments go into moderation there as they have here).

Here’s the url:


At some point, I may (or may not) point the domain I own (“richardsnoteds.org”) at this other version of this site. I haven’t decided that yet.

If you get confused as to which site you’re at, look at the url in your browser. This one begins with www.richardsnotes.org, the other one begins with www.rwanderman.wordpress.com.

If you have questions or comments about this, let me know in the comments.

Bret Victor: Inventing on Principle

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo.

Bret’s talk takes a while (53 minutes) but man is it worth it. Don’t be put off by the code (if you don’t code), it’s less about code, more about tight interactivity leading to more creativity as a guiding principle. When you couple excellent coding skills with a creative person who enjoys sharing many things are possible and this video is a demonstration of that.

Seymour Papert, various folks at the IBM Watson Research Lab, Bill Atkinson, Alan Kay, Larry Tesler, and others at Xerox PARC, and many other people have been working in this area but I have to say, Bret’s talk is the best I’ve heard (and I’ve heard many). He uses Tesler’s invention of modeless text editing as an example, among others.

Bret’s web site: Bret Victor

[via Kottke.org]