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New Orleans Store Window

new orleans store window

As you can see from the kinds of things in this store window, I’m in New Orleans, or, in the south. Amazing bunch of stuff for doing crawdaddies, shrimp, gumbo, and putting heat into things. Notice the “Ouch” in the upper left.

Ear-shaped field and swamp

fieldI have no idea what’s going on with this field, do you? Looks like a house on the right with something leading into a field but what the heck is going on here? This is somewhere right in the middle, north of Louisiana.

swampThis swamp is just north of New Orleans. I really do not want to know what’s swimming around in there although it is a beautiful place from the air.

Chicago from the air

On the way to New Orleans today, had to snap a shot of “Chi-town” as it was clear and we took off from O’Hare going back east and then turned south right in front of the city.



train yard

The bottom of this picture got cut off by the window… dang, the switchyard went from 1 to maybe 20 tracks. Amazing stuff from the air.

Anne Wanderman

Anne Wanderman

I can’t believe I’ve been posting pictures and comments to this weblog for months now and have not posted about my wife Anne. Well, here it is: I married “up” and not in the traditional way (although maybe that way too). My wife is smarter, more secure, cooler, and a better person than me, maybe “classier” too. Hey, I’m not bad, but she’s my guru when it comes to being a good person.

It’s summer here now and summer in rural Connecticut is a pretty wonderful thing. She’s from southern Indiana and so, comes alive in heat (I wilt a bit) and so our garden is going strong, there are flowers everywhere, and things are really good. She’s prancing around, done with school for the summer and off into her reading, gardening, kayaking, yogaing world.

Here’s something else: my wife supports my happiness and me hers. Sounds trite. It’s not. Different things turn our respective cranks and we’re there for each other. We celebrate our differences and know that they make us stronger as a couple and as friends. Again, sounds trite but trust me, it’s deep.

I get to go to New Orleans tomorrow which is a great destination, and I’ll see some great people while there but the knowlege that she’s here is enough to make me want to get home as fast as I can.

Nobody’s Fool

Based on the Richard Russo novel, this is one of our all time favorite movies. Paul Newman is absolutely fantastic in this as is the rest of the cast. This is a slice of life in a small, upstate New York town. It’s a sleeper and well worth watching.

Director: Robert Benton

Cast: Paul Newman, Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Philip Seymour Hoffman, more…

Nobody’s Fool at amazon

Evelyn’s pond

Evelyn's Pond

Our Wednesday evening drum group has been meeting at a member’s house and tonight she was away but we met at her place anyway down by her pond. The sound of the 5 djembes echoed across the water and up against the trees in the most wonderful way. I can see we’ll be drumming around this pond quite a bit this summer. Might have to jump in occassionally.


In England, everything is permitted unless it is forbidden.
In Germany, everything is forbidden unless it is permitted.
In Italy, everything is permitted, even if it is forbidden.