Month: September 2004

Deer on field

deer on field

I was driving to my friend Evelyn’s house for drumming practice yesterday afternoon and I had my camera with me (I carry it daily for fall color shots) and I was hoping the herd of deer would be out and they were. I have noticed as many as 30 in this herd but yesterday there were about 10. Still, once I stopped the truck to take a picture they got very interested. I took a few more shots and they ran away, leaping across the road in front of me.

Durability Test on AlphaSmart

Richard sawing AlphaSmart in halfIt’s firewood time (a bit late for me this year) and while the chain saw is fired up I figured I’d do a durability test on an old AlphaSmart 2000. Well, I dropped it onto the ground and it survived but after cutting it in half I can report that each half did not work. I mean, what a great idea for making a “regular” keyboard more ergonomic. Just kidding, I did not cut it in half but I know that if Ketan Kothari (CEO of AlphaSmart, Inc.) were here he’d have made me cut it in half, just because it seems like the right thing to do.

Victor Wooten

Victor WootenI recently bought the DVD of the Drummers Collective 25th Anniversary and Bass Day 2002 and one of the segments on it is the single most amazing musical performance I’ve ever seen.

Victor Wooten is one of the best electric bass players on earth but hey, what do I know, I’d never heard of him although I do know about Bela Fleck and the Flecktones which he is part of.

Steve Smith is considered one of the best drummers on earth and during his “set” on this DVD he brought Wooten out and they improvised. That segment is so amazing, so musical, so beautifully collaborative and illustrates so well what is great about making music with other people I watched it numerous times last night. Wooten’s expressions while he plays are priceless.

Victor Wooten and Steve Smith

This is not an inexpensive DVD and there is great stuff on it from Steve Gadd and many others but right now, for me, this one segment which is only 7 minutes long is worth the entire DVD. Amazing.

Tips on Templates and CSS

MediaTinker has a post that I’m finding quite useful, even though it refers mostly to movabletype (MT). She illustrates various concepts quite nicely and the CSS is generalizable to WordPress. I think it’s fascinating that I found her through Antipixel and that both of them are designers in Tokyo, Japan, and neither is Japanese. What a world. Check out her QuickTime video on learning Japanese and her other stuff. She’s quite interesting.