Month: October 2004

Process Outliner & Organizer

Process looks like an intresting outliner. I’ve tried it before but never stayed with it but it might be worth a try. It reminds me of the long defunct InControl which was one of my all-time fav Macintosh apps. I do like an outliner linked to a calendar and now I’m using Omni outliner and separately using iCal for calendar events. Maybe this takes the place of both. Hmmm…

Bush site filters foreigners

George W. BushThis does not surprise me but still, it’s amazing: Bush site restricted to foreigners.

If you live outside the US or Canada, you will get an access denied screen on your browser if you go to

What good does it possibly do to do this? What about Americans living abroad? Talk about an isolationist viewpoint.

Next thing you know they’ll start filtering registered Democrats or people who have donated money to

Another kind of apple in the news

applesThe New York Times has a story on Apples With Pedigrees Selling in Urban Edens which, of course, makes sense. Who would want to say “golden delicious” when one could say “Roxbury Russet” or “Ashmead’s Kernel”?

If this wets your appetite for apple history the book to read is The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan (who used to live up the road from us). The first section of this book is all about apples and how they and we got this genetic engineering thing going with them. The other sections are also fantastic: tulips, marijuana, and potatoes. Really great stuff from a great writer and thinker.