Month: November 2004

Sunrise through wires

sunrise through wires and treesEvery morning the sun comes up (duh) and every morning I fret the fact that right across the yard, on our side of the road, right in front of the amazing sunrise are power, phone, and coaxial cable lines. My new long lens will get through them but this morning, yet again, I was too lazy to set up a tripod to use that lens and it seems to me it needs it when zoomed out all the way at low light. So, I shot the wires! Why not? Wires make for interesting pattern with the chaos of tree branches, or so my rationalizing brain thinks so far this morning. Gotta go search out more wires to shoot. Wires are good.

Morning moon

moonThe moon was amazing this morning so I rushed downstairs and put the long lens on the camera and took some pictures before it “set” over the hill behind our house. Idiot me, forgot the tripod. Tomorrow morning I’ll try to repeat this shot with a tripod and it will be better. Still, this long lens is going to be a lot more fun than I thought.

Lots of Robots

Lots of Robots is an animated film project done by one person: Andy Murdoch. The web site, while scattered, has many quicktime shorts and lots of background info on the making of this labor of love animated movie. This is amazing stuff, especially when you consider it was done in his house, not at ILM or Pixar or Dreamworks. You’ll want broadband to watch the clips and if possible, a decent sound system. Or, better for Andy, buy a DVD to support his project.

Deck Buddha

Buddha statueDavid Darling’s deck has a nice ornamental Buddha statue on it (a bird bath) and I gave up trying to catch a chickadee on its head and just took its picture. I like this Buddha a lot, not quite as paunchy as our garden Buddha and much more serious. Our Buddha is much more of the Thanksgiving Buddha as he looks like he’s eaten the entire meal himself and is quite happy about it.

Thanksgiving water droplets

water droplet on place matI noticed a number of beaded up water droplets on my place mat at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, the perfect opportunity to test out the new 100mm macro lens. This is cropped an enormous amount but hey, with 6 megapixels you can crop down to quarks I think. Is this an example of a smaller universe (or planet and moon) in a water droplet?