Month: January 2005

Kitty on desk

Kitty on desk

The Kitty, who is arthritic and losing her ability to walk wanted up. What can you say? So, up she came. Once she settled in she knocked everything loose on the desk, on the floor and then spread out over my taxes which I was in the middle of staring at (with nothing happening).

I figured if I couldn’t crunch numbers I might as well crunch some pixels so out came the camera, off came the Stomp-shooting 28-135 and on went the sharp-as-a-tack 50mm portrait lens for a fashion shoot.

The cat was a willing subject, continuing to shift position as if to ask me “how’s this one, sexy enough?” By the time the shoot was over all pens and paper clips were scattered on the floor and the tax papers looked like a fur coat. And, it’s pretty wintery and dry here so the static is extreme so the hair is not coming off. The accountant is gonna love this…

Stomp in New Haven

stomp1I’ve seen Stomp 4 times (this was my 4th), 3 in New York when it first came over from England and yesterday in New Haven, Connecticut. The three times I saw it before yesterday were pre-drumming but now I play drums and had a whole new appreciation for what they’re doing.

I went armed for bear with lenses to the max in a small backpack but alas, during the first piece with brooms, with me clicking away sans-flash the house manager came over and said if I took one more picture he’d take the camera. It went in the bag fast, but I did get two nice pictures of the broom piece, which was beautifully performed.

stomp2We did not have great seats but it didn’t matter as almost all of us had seen it before but what was aparent was this: the show, while now quite old has gotten better. There’s a lot of the original show still in it but all the pieces are honed even more and better than ever. I enjoyed it more this time, partly because I was making mental notes and partly because it was a better, more worked out show, than ever before.

If you’ve never seen this show there is a national tour and I highly recommend seeing it. Depending on the theater, I’d say first row balcony is the best seat in the house for this one as some of the action takes place high. Good stuff, Stomp.

New PowerBooks


Today Apple announced upgrades to its linup of PowerBooks.

Lower prices, faster processors, faster hard disks, faster SuperDrives and other more subtle upgrades to hardware. Nice. I will undoubtedly bite on one of these very soon.

I think this is a very good move: it will get folks like me who are already PowerBook users to upgrade because the price/feature set is aggressive and it keeps the line updated until IBM can come out with a low power, cooler version of its G5 chip, which will probably be quite a while off.

Visual Thesaurus

The Visual Thesaurus is both an online tool and a piece of software that you can buy on CD and install locally. It’s the Inspiration visual mapping program on steroids with live animation: click on a word in the map and it becomes the locus and all of it’s connected words spring forth. Do the trial, it’s free and highly addictive. If I were still in the business of show and tell in the educational technology world I’d buy it for sure. I might subscribe for a month or two, just to play.

Source: DrunkenBlog

The Lock Busters

WIRED has a great article in this month’s issue on competitive lock picking: The Lock Busters.

Talk about your interesting subculture. Mix hacker with puzzle solver with mechanic. Add a bit of “tude” and you have one of these guys (and gals although mostly guys, of course). Might as well leave the house opened, any one of these people could get in in 10 seconds flat.