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One idea for a perpetual tax and job machine. Not.

Developer seeks to build a hotel on Supreme Court Justice’s home through eminent domain.

I’m for it. Let the taking over of property begin. Good thing mine’s not worth taking over but you never know.

For those of you who have not heard, the US Supremes decided that if you can make more money in taxes for a town or provide more jobs for local unemployed tradespeople by taking over my property and tearing down my house to build a more expensive one to be sold (hopefully) to someone who will pay more taxes than I do, you can legally do it.

Ah, another brilliant legacy of the Bush years.

(Via Airbag.)

Dale Allyn’s water drops

Dale has posted a fantastic macro of water drops on a plant and spider web although I have no idea of what the other details are and he’s gone off to Yosemite for the weekend (lucky bas…). We’ll have to await his return to find out more but the image had to be posted, it’s that good.

Wine and water

Wine and waterSitting in a restaurant in Philadelphia last night and noticed a ray of sunshine coming through a window behind a glass of wine and water. Out came camera. Everyone looked at me like “what a geek.”

Swamp grass

Swamp grassWe took a walk around the boardwalk, a nature walk around a lake and swamp in White Memorial Preserve in Litchfield, Connecticut and it was too hot for birds but the grass looked great.


Polaroid-o-nizer is a site and script for taking an image and turning it into… well, this. Cool. Too bad, Polaroid got the site taken down. Dang.

Richard in New York

PS: looks like they got in trouble with Polaroid over the name and domain… Stay tuned.

Source: Paul Watson

Camera in glove compartment

“Buy a disposable camera (with flash) and put it in your glove compartment. The batteries last for several years and if you end up in a collision, you can reach over, open the pouch and document the whole thing. No need to kick yourself for leaving your digital camera at home, leaving your digital camera in the car (and getting it stolen), or having to discern the damage and argue your case based on some crappy 40kb cameraphone jpeg.”

– Tim Noble

(Via Cool Tools.)

Jenna? Barbara? Your war is waiting

Jenna? Barbara? Your war is waiting: “The Iraq war used to have plenty of supporters. Why aren’t more of them signing up to fight?”

This is a point I’ve been making for over a year now. People who support wars ought to fight in them. Bush supported the war in Vietnam yet did not fight in it and elected to go to graduate school rather than finish his stint in the National Guard.

If people who support the war in Iraq had to send their own kids and grandkids, my guess is that a significant part of that war’s waning support would dry up.

And, this disaster will have an impact on military recruitment and morale for many generations to come.


Firewood pile

Firewood pileI’m almost finished with the yearly chore of putting up our 4 cords of firewood for next season. I’m a few months late this year; I like to do this chore in March and April so the temp is cooler and the wood dries for a longer period. I have another two pickup loads to split, drive up and stack and I’m done. Then change the oil on the splitter, grease it up and put it away for a while until more logs arrive.

Stacked FirewoodOak, gray birch, and shagbark hickory. This is really nice firewood, high BTU stuff. The marks on the ends of the pieces are the teeth from the end of the splitter that holds the logs in place while it’s being split so it doesn’t shoot out sideways and ruin the splitter’s (my) day. We have a 26 ton, 8 horse hydraulic splitter that can rip through about anything. Those teeth keep things in place nicely.