Month: July 2005

From Intel to Health Care and Beyond

Andrew GroveFrom Intel to Health Care and Beyond: “Intel’s Andrew S. Grove urges the health care industry to adopt some of the same practices as the microchip industry.”

Andrew Grove was the CEO of Intel and helped found it and build it into the most successful chipmaker on the planet. Grove is one of the great success stories of the US: a Hungarian Jew who got out of Europe early enough to survive who worked his way up to the top at Intel. He’s now retired but is working in a variety of areas including health care (he’s getting older, of course).

Attached to this article is a candid interview with Andrew Grove about what’s wrong with the health care system but straying into lots of other areas. It is well worth listening to (it’s long, make some time for it) for a glimpse of a great mind.

(Via NYT > Business.)

India flooding on flickr

8TORRENTIAL TUESDAYThere are numerous pictures of the flooding going on in India up on flickr, here’s a great one by StinkyShoes of a flooded train station as an example.

The great thing about flickr at times like these, as opposed to a news source, is that it allows regular people to post, comment, and do it in a way that is unfiltered. During the tsunami flickr was extremely useful, both to people on the ground in affected areas and to people all over the world, providing a window on what it was (and still is) like to be there. Same with the recent London bombings. Flickr is more than what it seems and for anyone reading this who hasn’t spent time exploring it, I recommend that you do.

Dog and pigeon in staring contest

Dog tracking pigeonWhile cruising an East Village neighborhood near a restaurant I was meeting some people at I came across a small, very old cemetery in the middle of a city block. A very nice looking dog was intently looking through the iron fence at…

Pigeon tracking dog…a pigeon sitting on top of a tombstone. The pigeon wasn’t too worried but did not take its eyes off the dog for quite some time.