Month: August 2005

Gary Sharp photographing on the boardwalk

Gary shooting a field of ivyGary and I had a great walk around the boardwalk in White Memorial park. Unfortunately the only time we had free that day was in the middle of the day and it was hot. And, the wildlife was under cover so few birds and other animals. However, plenty of foliage and of course, the wild “photographer” was a good subject from time to time. Here he’s shooting a field of ivy. His shot turned out great, mine sucked so I’m posting one of his back instead.

Gary shooting swampNotice that Gary is using a tripod and yours truly left his at home. His pictures came out great, mine so so. Duh.

Gary photographing grassPhotographers will go to any length to get a good shot, braving tall grass and the wild animals that might be living in it.

Gary on the boardwalkAll in all we had a fun time. Yes, we were sweaty when we got home but it’s great fun to go out photographing with a friend, especially one as knowledgeable and generous and kind as Gary Sharp. I learned a huge amount just watching him work and of course, he had plenty of suggestions to help me make better pictures.

Erin on the rock

Erin on the rockThis is my granddaughter Erin. We had a family “do” yesterday to welcome our friend Gary who’s visiting from Oregon. Erin has seen him each year since she was born and even though she sees him once a year she remembers him well.

We have a big rock in our backyard (anyone want it, free if you come get it) that Erin can now climb up on on her own. It gets her about four feet higher than she’d be otherwise and if you’re a little kid (4 years old) the difference in view is new and fun and addictive. She was up and down on and off this rock all day and Gary and I documented it well.

Here’s she’s feeling quite proud of herself being up there on her own.