Month: September 2005

Glen Velez practice rhythms for tar

This is a set of simple practice rhythms from a frame drum workshop a few of us took with Glen Velez.

There are many more rhythms like these in Glen’s books which can be bought from his web site: Glen Velez – Frame Drums.

These practice rhythms can be played on any drum. This is as close as I can come to Glen’s notation and I’ll work on improving the notation over time.*

1. || D-TK T-TK D-TK T-TK ||

2. || TKD- TKT- TKD- TKT- ||

3. || TKTK D-TK T--- TKD- ||

4. || TKT- TKD- TKTK D-TK ||

D = dum, bass note, strong hand
T = tek, edge or rim or high note, strong hand
K = kah, edge or rim or high note, weak hand
- = rest

*The notation will format differently on different browsers and IE users may not see things formatted correctly. Tip, get Safari, it’s free and it works on Macs and Windows now.

Carrie Coco and Prayers of Peace

Carrie CocoCarrie Coco is one of my wife Anne’s oldest friends in Connecticut; they go way back. I’m a relative newcomer as I’ve only known Carrie for about seventeen years. In that time I’ve learned of our mutual interest in photography, images in general, politics and world events, and both of us enjoyed the book, The Tipping Point and the ideas it contained. We have lively conversations.

So, it goes without saying that Anne and I are giddy with delight that Carrie has published a book, Prayers of Peace, and not just a book, a book that we think is special and important enough so that we bought forty copies of it to give to people we care about during the coming holiday season.

The book is simple and profound: an image and a prayer juxtaposed. Given the state of the world this seems like just the ticket.

Carrie Coco signing bookThis past Sunday we went to a publication party for Carrie. She signed and gave copies of the book to all who came.

Word spread that a local bookstore had already sold out of copies of the book and this brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

It is our hope that word of this book will spread virally and more importantly, that its message will spread as well.



PancakesPancakes, maple syrup, glass plate, table cloth from France, reflection.

Sunday morning pancakes are a tradition at our house. I “invented” the recipe over about two years of making them for a then teenage stepdaughter. It worked, we both lived through her teenagehood and became great friends.

Half whole wheat, half white flour, baking powder, dry milk, sugar, salt, oil and extra eggs. We use real maple syrup from a local producer who’s a friend of ours.

David Darling and Martita Goshen

David Darling and Martita GoshenDrove into New York City last night to see my good friend choreographer and modern dancer Martita Goshen perform her fall program. She used David Darling’s cello music in it so he, my wife Anne and I went down together.

It was a great performance (no photography allowed) and David’s music worked well in it. The lighting was terrible for this kind of photography (dark room, a few overhead spots) so I tried to lure people under one of the spots to get a shot. I had to crank ISO as well. This is the best I could do. Martita had just finished dancing and had quickly changed and came out of the dressing room to greet her friends.

Squash tendrils

Squash tendrilAll of these tendril shots are in our garden. Our squash and pumpkin vines have gone wild and are taking over the lawn, the garage, the driveway, everything. These tendrils are the secret weapon; it’s how they grab and hold and then keep spreading. I find the tendril form beautiful.

Squash tendril attachingHere’s a tendril attaching to another piece of the vine. It just so happens that it’s the same vine so it’s a vine attaching to itself. I wonder if it knows this?

Squash Tendril in breezeA breeze picked up and I was hand-holding the camera, not to mention I was late for an appointment. I didn’t think this would turn out but in fact, I like it. The form is wonderful and moving gives it a nice softness. Hmm, wonder what would happen if I slowed down the shutter speed even more? One more for the list of “things to do” as experiments.