Month: November 2005

The Offbeats play Cornwall

The Offbeats play CornwallEach year, the day after Thanksgiving, the town of Cornwall, Connecticut holds a “talent” or variety show in a church to raise money for their library. My percussion group, The Offbeats was one of many acts. I’ll post pictures of the other acts in the next few days. Here we are playing our opening samba piece.

The Offbeats play CornwallEvelyn on surdo, Teresa on djembe, Nora on djembe, Susan on tamborim.

The Offbeats play CornwallNora on djembe, Susan on tamborim, Eileen on djembe, Linda on pandeiro, Diane on wooden djembe and Ron on djembe.

The Offbeats play CornwallLinda on panderio, Diane on wooden djembe, Ron on djembe, Pat on tumbano, Dave on djembe and the edge of my surdo on the right.

The Offbeats play CornwallPat on tumbano, Dave on djembe, Richard (me) on surdo.

We played two more songs after the samba, a Middle Eastern mix we call “chaka” and an African mix that Dave made up we call “Dave’s djoli jive.”

Pati King-Debaun

Pati King-DebaunPati King-Debaun at the 2005 AlphaSmart reception at the Closing the Gap Assistive Technology Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Pati is one of the leaders in the field of assistive technology. She writes software, books, and curricula and presents, teaches and does workshops the world over.

Thanks giving

Thanks givingI think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No religion. No commercialism. Just a family get-together and a good meal. Nice.

While everyone in my family was busy whipping cream and cutting pies I looked out over our table and considered how lucky we are to be able to have a meal like this. I’m thankful.

I am also thankful for flickr and the wonderful community of people who I’ve met there. If it weren’t for flickr I’d never have met hundreds of people from all over the world who inspire me to attempt to become a better photographer by sharing their work with me and by giving me feedback on mine. What a great thing flickr is because it represents connections beyond our Thanksgiving table. However, because I spend so much (too much) time there, I feel like flickr is a table of sorts.

I hope wherever you are you are having a nice weekend full of good food, family, and friends. Time to clear the table and get ready for a new bunch of images.