Month: March 2006

Erin’s new sweater

Erin's new seaterAnne just finished attaching these great sea shell buttons and she’s attaching the patch pockets to Erin’s new sweater.

Erin's new sweaterAnother view of the sweater Anne is knitting for our granddaughter Erin.

Knitting, behind the scenesOn a sweater as complex as this one there are many calculations. Anne keeps track of most of this stuff in her head but also uses a notebook for sketches and counts on various parts.

757 wing, clouds, desert, my orange shirt

757 wing, clouds, desert, my orange shirtI took numerous pictures on my way back from California. None turned out (including this one). Why? I’m not completely sure but the sun was a problem.

Flying from NY to LA one essentially goes diagonally across the country, northeast to southwest. Seasonal considerations aside (sun path changes summer to winter) sitting on the side of the plane away from the sun might produce less risk of sun glare on the window.

On the other hand, depending on approach routes sitting on the left side of the plane on both trips (NY to LA, LA to NY) would give one the best possibility of photographing Manhattan.

I do choose where I sit on planes to enable better photography but besides the wing and engine exhaust (and sitting next to a window, duh) there’s also time of day and which side of the plane you’re on.

Oh, this window was also quite filthy on the outside. My sensor is a mess but that’s not what you’re seeing here.

First St. Los Angeles

First St. Los Angeles

My mother and I are both huge fans of the late Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi. The Japanese American National Museum has a small show up of his design work: sculpture, paper (akari) lamps and a great video of a set he designed for the Martha Graham Dance Company.

What we did not know was that today was a planned demonstration on the controversial immigration reform bill before congress and the president. Most of downtown LA was blocked off so that 300,000 people could march and demonstrate. Driving in downtown LA isn’t easy for this Connecticut yankee but with this many demonstrators around it was, well, nerve wracking. My 90 year old mother loved the excitement and wanted me to drive around downtown so she could watch the action. I was glad to find my way out of there.

Oh, at the top of the hill you can see the LA Music Center and right next to it is the Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall which so many flickrites have photographed so beautifully.