Month: August 2006

Late Summer at Macricostas Preserve Meadow

Late Summer at Macricostas Preserve Meadow

Washington, Connecticut. I was driving home and it was about to rain but the light was fantastic so I stopped and quickly walked around the meadow at Macricostas Preserve of the Steep Rock Land Trust to see if I could catch some of that pre-storm light in my camera. It’s been a wet summer and I got soaked walking through the low spots in the meadow but the lushness, colorful grasses and weeds and great light made it a worthwhile stop.

Peter Cooper Village…

Metropolitan Life is putting Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village — a stretch of 110 apartment buildings along the East River — on the auction block. Read NY Times Story…

My parents’ best friends have an apartment in Peter Cooper Village. We spent each Christmas eve with them when I was very young and we lived in New York. The “village” area between the apartment buildings was always a very nice, park-like space that was like a mini-Central Park with apartments around it. I have fond memories of those days. My father is gone now as is the wife of the couple who lived there. Our friend who still lives there is long retired and in his 80′s and it would be a shame if this shift in ownership led to him having to leave. We’ll see. Time marches on.

Jan Adkins Studio

Jan Adkins is the “Explainer General” who designs, writes, and illustrates books making the difficult easy through detailed drawings and clear writing.

His books and work is different from the excellent Dorling Kindersley series in that he uses illustration much like Eric Sloane did.

Source: Cool Tools

Note on the source: J. Baldwin (recommender at Kelly site) was the reviewer and writer in The Whole Earth Catalog who tickled my fancy the most. An analog nerd if there ever was one.

Flickr just added a geotag feature to their organizer

Flickr just added a map and geotag feature to their organizer. Yes! Great shot – where’d you take that?

You can now drag your photos to the places where you took them on a map of the world. This is version 1 of this feature so it’s a bit crude in terms of integration into the flickr UI but I’m sure it will lead to wonderful things in the future. I just tagged twenty of my latest images in a matter of minutes. Fun.

Ruby throated hummingbird female

Ruby throated hummingbird female

Warren, Connecticut. I was at the feed store getting bird seed for our other feeders and because I’m so in awe of Carlos’s hummingbird shots I figured, in honor of him I’d give it a try. So I bought this feeder and hung it up on the gutter outside the living room window. The window is double paned and gas-filled so not a great thing to shoot through. And, I’ve never shot one of these birds before. And its raining out and dark so even though I was on a tripod shutter speed was slow and this bird is vibrating both in the eating process and in the rain deflection process. Excuses, excuses.

She had just eaten and her tongue is still out at the tip of her beak. I didn’t know what that thing was until I started poking around on flickr. Stay tuned, I know I can do better than this and it’s fun.

Ruby throated hummingbird female

Here she is eating.

Picasso on Charging a Client

Legend has it that Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a bold woman approached him.

“It’s you — Picasso, the great artist! Oh, you must sketch my portrait! I insist.”

So Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a single pencil stroke to create her portrait. He handed the women his work of art.

“It’s perfect!” she gushed. “You managed to capture my essence with one stroke, in one moment. Thank you! How much do I owe you?”

“Five thousand dollars,” the artist replied.

“B-b-but, what?” the woman sputtered. “How could you want so much money for this picture? It only took you a second to draw it!”

To which Picasso responded, “Madame, it took me my entire life.”

Source: 37 Signals