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Arrange Meetings with Diarised

Diarised is a web-based tool for groups of people to arrange the best time for a meeting. It looks fantastic.

1. Enter the details of your proposed meeting into Diarised, including the meeting invitees and the possible times and dates for the meeting.

2. Diarised sends out emails to all invitees.

3. The invitees choose the times that suit them best.

4. Once the invitees have chosen their preferred meeting dates, Diarised will give you a summary of the best dates for you to choose from.

5. All meeting invitees will be sent an email confirming the chosen date and time

(Source Daring Fireball Linked List.)

Taking off from LAX

Morning in Long Beach and San PedroWe just took off from LAX and will eventually make the turn out over the Pacific to head east to New York. The cranes on the distant Long Beach shore are the ones in my image of Long Beach Harbor; we will turn south then east and fly back over those cranes in the next few shots.

Note: I know there is window glare here but I thought this view of Long Beach from the north was worth sharing.

Morning in Palos VerdesPalos Verdes. Our path will take us right over the clouds just under the horizon and back over Long Beach (next photo).

Long Beach HarborAs we turned I got a very clear view of Long Beach Harbor, the Queen Mary, a cruise ship, and the cranes that load and unload containers in this, one of the busiest container ports in the world.

Google maps satellite view

Reggie Watts: Out Of Control

This is an incredible performance, done with a loop machine in real time with no video editing including the slow motion part. For those who don’t know what a loop machine is, it will take sound and loop or play it repeatedly and Reggie is making all of the sounds with his mouth, no drum machines here. He builds up the mix, track by track and then sings over it. This is not only a wonderful piece but it’s a great demonstration of how a top performer can work with these tools to make something great. I can’t stop playing this. Argh!


Robert Drinan dies

The Rev. Robert F. Drinan died this past Sunday and as a sign of the times, there was too little notice in the media and too few people remember who he was.

Robert Drinan was a Jesuit who was a leader in the peaceful anti Vietnam war movement as well as one of only two priests to serve in Congress in history.

While in congress he was the first person to call for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon for his secret invasion of Cambodia (not for Watergate which came later). He worked to eliminate the draft and helped get rid of HUAC.

Few in Congress now are willing to do what Drinan did which is to take a principled stand on issues no matter what polls said would be popular. Drinan was popular with his Massachusetts constituents and with the anti-war left all over the country. Only a few, principled Democrats in the current Congress voted against giving President Bush the power to go to war with Iraq. Drinan would certainly have been one of them and would have, long ago called for Bush’s impeachment.

Intel Says Chips Will Run Faster, Using Less Power

Intel Says Chips Will Run Faster, Using Less Power: “Intel has overhauled the basic building block of the information age, paving the way for faster and more energy-efficient processors.”

Solid state portable computers are on the way and this is one more piece of the puzzle. Cheaper, faster, and larger flash memory will eventually displace the hard disk and lower power processors as discussed here will allow smaller, lighter batteries in portables.

(Source NYT > Business.)

Sycamore leaf

Sycamore leaf

Pasadena, California. Sycamore trees are one of the wonders of the world, not just because they grow large with limbs that twist and turn in sculptural ways, but because even small trees produce gigantic leaves. Sycamores produce the largest leaves of any trees in North America, this leaf is well over ten inches wide.

This was taken on the granite wheelchair ramp outside the Norton Simon Museum.

Art Buchwald Dies

I’m a huge fan of Art Buchwald who died two days ago. When I started LD Resources many years ago I dug out a Buchwald column from the LA times about kids getting into college I thought would be fun to post there. I wrote him a letter (not email) asking permission to post it and he was delighted to allow it. I’m reposting the piece here and now to honor him and fortunately or unfortunately, it’s still timely.

Art Buchwald, Whose Humor Poked the Powerful, Dies at 81

Art Buchwald

College of His Choice, Once Removed
© Art Buchwald
Los Angeles Times
Sunday, April, 26, 1981

“I made it. I made it,” Elsinore cried as he rushed into my office.

“What did you make?”

“I got into Wesleyan.”

“At your age? I didn’t know you were going back to school.”

“Not me, dummy, my kid. We just got accepted.”

“You mean your kid just got accepted.”

“I mean we. He couldn’t care less where he went to school, but you don’t know how his mother and I sweated this one out. Actually Harvard was our first choice, but Wesleyan isn’t anything to sneeze at.”

“I should say not,” I told him. “It has a very good reputation.”

“We looked at a lot of schools. His mother thought Middlebury was very nice, and I was very impressed with Stanford.”

“What did your son think?”

“We didn’t ask him. What did it have to do with him?”

“I thought that since he would have to go there, he might want a say in the matter.”

“You’re not going to let a kid make a decision like that. After all, his entire future is at stake.”

“I can see your thinking,” I said.

“Unless you’re a parent, you can’t appreciate the agony you go through when your kid applies to college. When Harvard turned us down, my wife stayed in bed for two days. The doctor explained that it wasn’t her fault and she shouldn’t take it personally. But she felt she had let us all down.”

“It’s hard for mothers to have their children rejected,” I sympathized.

“Funny enough, the Harvard turndown didn’t bother me. But when Dartmouth said the best it could do was to put my son on the waiting list, I really blew my top. Where does Dartmouth come off putting my kid on a waiting list?”

“Dartmouth doesn’t care who it puts on its waiting list,” I said. “I hope you told the school where to go.”

“I certainly did. I wrote a letter and said if that’s the way the school felt about us, it could take its winter carnival and stuff it.”

“I’ll bet it didn’t expect anyone to react that way.”

“My wife and I don’t want to be associated with any school that plays games with its applicants.”

“So after all this, why did you decide on Wesleyan?”

“Well, we checked it out with all our friends and they didn’t see anything wrong with our kid going there. It wasn’t as if we were sending him off to NYU or the University of Maryland. Wesleyan sounds Ivy League, even if it isn’t. Also, when someone asks why we didn’t choose Yale or Princeton, we can say in all honesty, we preferred a smaller school, where you get to know the other kids. Frankly, when the acceptance letter arrived yesterday, I was terribly relieved.”

“Have you told your son yet where he is going?”

“No, but I don’t see any problem. He said as long as we were happy with his college choice, he’d be happy.”

“I like a kid who thinks for himself,” I said. “How does your wife feel about it?”

“She’s relieved also, although she did say we hadn’t heard from the University of Pennsylvania yet, and maybe we should wait before sending Wesleyan the registration fee.”

“I didn’t know you two were considering Penn,” I told him.

“We have to consider Penn, just in case we want to go to business school for our master’s degree.”

USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

wires and suchNewer Technology makes a USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter which allows you to take any raw hard disk, sans case with power supply and interface and connect it to your computer.

There have been four times in the past fifteen years that I could have used this rig. Useful when you swap the internal drive out of your computer but need to have access to its contents and don’t have a case for it.

Yes, it definitely brands anyone who understands what it is and craves it as a geek. Sigh.

Source: Steve Splonskowski

AirPort Extreme Drive Sharing

AirPort Extreme Drive Sharing

New to AirPort Extreme, AirPort Disk turns almost any external USB hard drive into a shared drive. Simply connect the drive to the USB port on the back of your AirPort Extreme and — voila — all the documents, videos, photos, and other files on the drive instantly become available to anyone on the secure network, Mac and PC alike. It’s perfect for backups, collaborative projects, and more.

Now this makes me want to get one of these. I wonder whether SuperDuper! works over a network. Gotta find out…

(Source Daring Fireball Linked List.)

Rainy Day on Gritman Pond

Rainy Day on Gritman Pond

Warren, Connecticut. Our small town has a town park that includes this pond. In the summer we kayak out to the small island pictured here and watch a great blue heron fishing on the far shore and if we stay late enough and we’re lucky we can catch a glimpse of a beaver collecting branches for his lodge. It’s been raining a lot lately and the pond is full, usually it’s more of a swamp than a pond. Either way, it’s a photogenic place.