Month: February 2007

Hemlocks in Fog on the Shepaug River

Hemlocks in Fog on the Shepaug River

Washington, Connecticut. Driving south to the next town along the Shepaug River I noticed that in certain places ground fog was hanging above the water and spreading out into the adjacent trees. It was sunny out at the same time and this made a wonderful contrast between the softness of the fog and the sun on the grass and trees. the sun caught the grass which in a normal winter would not be green at this point and the lichen on the two maples which is a sign of trees living in a damp hollow next to a river.

I didn’t notice the telephone pole when I took it but finding it when I got home made me think twice about posting this. I decided I liked it and posted it anyway even with the little box on the pole showing.

This image was taken at the same time as this one.

Tinker Hill in Fog

Tinker Hill in Fog

Warren, Connecticut. Lake Waramaug is a spectacularly beautiful lake but the lake itself is only part of the reason, the other part is the landscape surrounding it. Tinker Hill is a round hump that forms part of the southern backdrop for the lake when viewed from the northeast shore. In fog with a sepia treatment this landscape looks like a Chinese watercolor painting.

Note: this was taken a while back but I never processed it. Finally got to it.

Ansel Adams

Ansel AdamsI was just down at the Bowers Museum in Orange County, California where they have a fantastic Ansel Adams exhibit. If you live in that area and are interested at all in photography, this ought not be missed. I haven’t seen his prints up close since I’ve taken up photography more seriously and I have to say, the man was everything his legendary reputation says he was. Absolutely incredible.

I used to hang out at the The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley on rainy days when I wasn’t climbing there in the late ’70s and early ’80s and met Adams toward the end of his life at a photography workshop I attended there. I have a feeling the gallery has grown into a fantastic place to visit with the work of not only Adams but many excellent contemporary photographers.

PBS showed a fantastic documentary: American Experience: Ansel Adams which can be bought on DVD now. Excellent.