Month: April 2007

Mostly Martha

Mostly Martha (AKA Bella Martha) is an absolute gem of a movie. This movie is not a blockbuster, it’s a small, nuanced character study but, what characters to study!

Martha is an obsessive compulsive German master chef who cooks, lives, worries and tries desperately to control everything and eventually loses control and loves. Martha is played by the German actress Martina Gedeck and she is outstanding. I’ve never seen her in another movie, maybe never will, but no matter, she nailed this part. I would say her performance is one of the best I’ve seen in any movie, ever. If you see this movie, make note of how Martha puts on her apron. It’s incredible how Martina Gedeck gets physical nuance. Her face, her gestures, everything.

For me, a dyslexic, to call a German movie with subtitles one of my favorites means something, believe me.

There is an American version of this movie coming out soon with Katherine Zeta-Jones in the lead. I’m sure I’ll see it but I can’t believe I’ll like it better than this original version.

My good friend David Darling did the some of the soundtrack for the German version along with Keith Jarrett.

California Poppies

California Poppy Painting

Flintridge, California. I found a cluster of California poppies off the beaten track at Descanso Gardens and did a small series on the variability in this one square yard of flowers.

California Poppy Emerging from Watercolor Bokeh

Three States of California Poppy

The various plants in this cluster were either about to bloom or in full bloom and the intense orange color brought to mind Buddhist monks in their robes.

California Poppies Aiming at the Sun

California Poppy Lit from the Inside

Unopened California Poppy

California Poppy Bud

xPad is back

Garret Murray has re-released xPad as a universal binary. And, its now free. Great.

xPad is a nice little notepad application for Mac OS X that I used for years. I’m delighted he’s putting time into it again as it’s a useful application.

I also use Yojimbo which is industrial stregnth xPad and more but I think there’s still a need for xPad. I’m glad to see it again.