Month: June 2007

iPhone First Impressions

John Gruber (Daring Fireball) gives us his iPhone First Impressions. Pretty darned good if you ask him. Great news.

I predict that all of the cool features of the iPhone, minus the phone, will be in a future iPod. That will be the Palm killer that we’ve been waiting for. The iPhone is a Palm Treo killer but maybe not a Palm sans-phone killer. I’d love to have a small wifi device that will sync my contacts and calendars back to my computer and browse the web minus the phone. I’d love a phone too but would love a copious iPod (60 gigs) with this kind of UI. This will be what many have called a tablet PC. In fact the iPhone is a tablet PC, just a bit smaller in a different box. The tablet PC makes less sense as a big screen minus the computer (the failed Microsoft model) and more sense as a Palm-like or iPod-like device. It’s coming and it’s what I want.

[via Daring Fireball.]

The imperial Vice Presidency

Sidney Blumenthal writing for Salon:

Even as the spotlight shines on the opaque Cheney, the light reflects on others as well. By shielding Bush from alternatives, Cheney has locked in certain decisions that Bush stubbornly defends as his own. The president’s plight is not that of a removed ruler tragically kept from knowing what his government is doing in his name. He has had time to observe the consequences. He is aware of what Cheney says to him. The Decider decides that Cheney will decide what the Decider decides. This is not a case of if-only-the-czar-knew. In the seventh year of his presidency, Bush’s decision making consists of justifying his previous decisions.

This is in response to the recent Washington Post series: Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency which anyone following the disaster that is the Bush administration needs to read.

Apple iPhone Keyboard Video

The Apple iPhone Keyboard Video shows how much technology is built into iPhone and it’s impressive. My guess is that some of these advances will make it into OS X.5 (Leopard).

One of the biggest worries from many reviewers and pundits is the lack of a physical keyboard on the iPhone. Many think it will be awkward to use an on-screen keyboard but this video seems to prove that wrong. Time will tell.

The only piece I found counterintuitive was tapping the spacebar to accept a suggested word and tapping the word itself to dismiss it. That seems backwards to me but I’ve never touched the thing so what do I know?

[via MacRumors : Mac News and Rumors.]

Aperture Color-Space and Onscreen Proofing

This is a tip and/or reminder for anyone out there using Aperture.

Aperture has a feature called “Onscreen Proofing” that allows you to set the color-space (proofing profile) you’re doing your adjustments in; sRGB, Adobe RGB and any paper profiles you have installed.

Because I sometimes print direct from Aperture on Canon Fine Art Photo Rag paper, I have it chosen much of the time when I’m working on my own images that I’ll print. However, recently I photographed some paintings for a local gallery and the images, while exposed correctly were consistently too dark on export. Why? Because I’d made my adjustments with my paper’s profile chosen, not the more typical sRGB for output to the web or a more generic printing scenario.

Onscreen proofing is a wonderful feature, just remember to change it as needed for the desired output. When in doubt, leave it set to sRGB.

Apple, Take the Pain Out of Buying a Cell Phone — Please!

WIRED’s Leander Kahney has an interesting commentary this morning: Apple, Take the Pain Out of Buying a Cell Phone — Please!

The buzz on the iPhone debut is deafening and I’m psyched, but part of me is like a parent watching his kid on stage in a play, tensly waiting for any sign that things will go well or will go less than well. If the debut goes well the stock has plenty of headroom to do amazing things but if things go less than well it could tank badly. I doubt Jobs would have hyped it like this if there was any chance of it tanking. However, we still don’t know what the pricing plans will be and if they’re overpriced that will kill some initial sales. A few more days…

[via Wired News.]