Month: July 2007

Erin on the Shepaug

Erin on the Shepaug

Washington, Connecticut. My granddaughter Erin, my wife and I spent the afternoon boulder hopping on the Shepaug River a few miles south of here. This was a big deal for Erin who loves to walk up and down the bed of our stream but had never been on a big river like this one. The boulders behind her are in the middle of the river and we had to carefully (me with camera pack) boulder-hop out here, scaring a great blue heron away in the process.

Once we set up "camp" on the boulder we explored and swam all around it, Anne did yoga on the boulder and Erin waded out into the fast current.

My friend Gary and I had discovered this spot a few weeks ago so I knew about it. I’m sure I’m going to return here often as it’s a great place to hang on a hot day.

Internet Censorship Spreading, Study Finds

Internet Censorship Spreading, Study Finds

How companies like Google and Yahoo deal with this going forward will be interesting. The recent flap about censorship on flickr (owned by Yahoo) saw thousands of customers leaving in protest. Personally, I think their anger was partly misdirected; they should have been aiming it at Germany and other countries asking Yahoo for the content filters.

[via NYT > Technology.]

Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo.

Photosynth is an algorithm for mapping all kinds of visual information into easy to scan and navigate forms. This demo is mind blowing, especially the finale which is thousands of images from flickr of the Notre Dame Cathedral all linked together to make a whole. What a fantastic example of collective knowledge put to good use.

[via Steve Splonskowski]

Adil’s Meadow in Morning Light

Adil's Meadow in Morning Light

Warren, Connecticut. Walking around the property of a new friend in Warren, we stopped to enjoy a clearing and meadow he’d made in the woods years before. How many people with enough land to do this would think to make a meadow in the middle of a dense woods? We stood and soaked in his accomplishment until the mosquitoes found us; then we moved on.