Month: September 2007

German Threaded Junk, 1 inch tall

German Threaded Junk, 1 inch tall

Warren, Connecticut. I don’t know about you but I have jars, cans, and boxes of old nuts, bolts, and "junk" like this in my basement that I’ve both inherited from the pack rat we bought our house from and which I’ve collected over many years. I promised my wife that this is going to be the year I clean up and organize this stuff and so, I set up a table and started sorting. Of course, the sorting gets interrupted every time I find a thing like this which I know nothing about yet think is interesting. I now have a bigger collection of interesting crap that has no use than seemingly useful crap that also probably has no use. Nothing has been thrown out and now all I’m doing is looking for cool junk to photograph. Sigh, my poor wife.

Well, I found a use for this totemic piece of junk. Recently my Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens fell apart in my hands: a screw fell out and it sounded like something was loose inside when shook, never a good sign. It was out of warranty but I had Canon fix it and I just got it back. What to shoot to test the lens? Ah, the German threaded totemic figure sitting on my desk.

Hey, the lens works.

Note: This piece of brass is 1″ tall.

Thomas L. Friedman: 9/11 Is Over

Thomas L. Friedman tells us who he’s not going to vote for in the next election: 9/11 Is Over.

Friedman is talking about a president who will heal us and get us focused on our core values. Great, we need that. But, so many of our core values have been compromised by Bush and Cheney that rather than just moving on as if nothing happened I think we have to acknowledge what’s happened during their term.

Impeach Bush/Cheney, try them as war criminals and acknowledge and then clean up the messes they’ve made. If we don’t make right the bad we’ve done in the world it will matter little who our next president is.

Dan Rather stands by his story

Sidney Blumenthal has an incredible piece in Salon on the Dan Rather/CBS lawsuit: Dan Rather stands by his story.

Rather could have simply allowed the statute of limitations to run out, lived off his millions, and faded away. But the incident ate at him. On one level, the Bush National Guard story is about Bush and the National Guard. On another, of course, it is about Rather’s reputation. But on yet another it is about CBS’s overwhelming desire to please the Bush White House and censor itself. The White House campaign against Rather has been so successful that many in the national press corps behave as though in mouthing its talking points they are demonstrating their own independent thought.

This lawsuit has the potential to shine a bright light on how CBS and other news organizations have been systematically intimidated by the Bush administration, both the meddling but also the corporate support in suppressing information that might hurt Bush. I hope Rather kicks their butts, they desserve it.