Month: November 2007

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Tour Video

An introductory video of Canon’s new, high-end camera: The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.

The question you might ask is, do I want this? Answer: No. I am supremely happy with my Canon EOS 5D and I doubt I could ever grow into all of its capabilities in two lifetimes. And, this camera makes such big images (21.1 megapixels) that one would need a totally new storage system and computer just to open and edit them. More isn’t always better and one has to think of the entire image flow when changing an important part of it.

My guess is that the next version of the Canon EOS 5D will be enough camera for me and even when it comes out, I’ll be slow to upgrade to it.

Campus Battleground

We saw the documentary Campus Battleground last night on student protests concerning Israel and a Palestinian state at both Columbia University and UC Berkeley. It’s one of a series called America at a Crossroads which, frankly has been spotty so far. This piece, however, was brilliant even though the subject of Middle East peace seems insoluble. There are articulate, smart, and pro-active students on both sides of this issue and listening to them gave me hope, less for peace in the Middle East, more for the future of America.

Trees in Fog on Baldwin Hill

Trees in Fog on Baldwin Hill

Washington, Connecticut. Driving home from an errand my left peripheral vision caught these trees with the fog behind them and it took my brain about 1/4 mile to register that I should stop, get out of the truck, set up the camera on tripod and take a picture. Some days wanting to get home and warm up by the fire really gets in the way of photography, other days photography gets in the way of getting home. When these two forces hit simultaneously one is frozen and it’s interesting to see what tips it one way or the other.

Turning Nonworking Gizmos Into Money

Turning Nonworking Gizmos Into Money

About a year ago, Mr. Mosley started and began purchasing, refurbishing and reselling used or broken iPods. Mr. Mosley, who is apparently comfortable around a soldering iron, started the company by posting an iPods-wanted ad on Craigslist. He has since launched a Web site, hired two employees and fixed over a thousand iPods. He recently renamed his company as he expanded into iPhones and video game consoles.

Icy Rescue as Seas Claim a Cruise Ship

Icy Rescue as Seas Claim a Cruise Ship

What I want to know is, did the people get to rescue their luggage?

If I were on a trip like that I’d have my laptop computer and all of my camera gear with me, would I have to leave those bags of gear behind, like evacuating a plane? This evacuation seemed to have been done in a way that might have allowed passengers to bring luggage with them, but if there’s not enough room on lifeboats of course the luggage stays behind. I’d be happy to be alive but it would be rough to watch this computer and all of my camera gear sink to the bottom of the sea.

Photo Cubes

Photo Cubes

Warren, Connecticut. Being the sort who loves making objects when I saw the template tool for Photo Cubes in the flickr blog I had to try it. Dozens of cubes later, I’m hooked and I have cubes everywhere printed with pretty much every image type I’ve ever shot. Anne thinks I’m nuts but likes the smile on my face when I’m folding them.

My only wish for the template is that it had a bottom; that the cube was a solid instead of open on the bottom. Then we could make strings of ornaments out of them.

HP started a group to support this stuff (HP – Printing your Flickr photos) but it looks to be poorly administered and my guess will be orphaned. Doesn’t matter, these cubes are addictive and fun.

Potential auto focusing issues on Canon DSLRs

Chuck Westfall is Canon USA’s main media spokesman for new camera products. Here are his November Tech Tips

This detail caught my eye:

In the case of EOS SLRs with less than 45 focusing points, the AF frames are engraved directly on the focusing screen. In some cases, the focusing screen may become very slightly shifted to the left or right of the actual focusing point position.

For us 5D users (and all Canon DSLRs with less than 45 focusing points) it might be that a small nudge of the focus screen is necessary to get better focus. I’m noticing that things aren’t perfectly lined up when I use the center focus point (which I do most of the time) and I wasn’t sure what it was. Now I know and am going to see about the alightment of that screen.