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Webware is a useful site if for no other reason it lists most of the best web-based applications. It’s interesting to consider how many web-based applications we’re using, or, better put, how many internet-based applications we’re using because there’s a difference, or better put, how many applications we’re using that in some way deal with the internet.

Here’s my list as of this morning anyway, including computer based applications that I use to deal with the internet:

Computer (Mac) based
Safari: web browser
NetNewsWire: newsreader (RSS)
MarsEdit: weblog publishing tool
iTunes: music player, digitizer, music store
Transmit: FTP utility (file transfers)
TextMate: text editor for web pages, more
iChat text, audio, video chat
flickr uploader application for uploading images to flickr

Web based
flickr photo sharing community
Google Maps maps, directions, satelite views
Gmail web-based email
Writeboard collaborative writing


Judith Jamison Announces Retirement

Judith Jamison Announces Retirement

Judith Jamison, artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, announced on Thursday that she would retire in 2011. She plans to maintain her connection to the company, which she joined as a dancer in 1965, as artistic director emerita.

Appointed just weeks after the death of Alvin Ailey, the troupe’s founder, in December 1989, Ms. Jamison (pronounced JAM-ih-son) continued building the organization into what is arguably the world’s most successful modern-dance troupe. Under her leadership, the company built a gleaming new $56 million headquarters at Ninth Avenue and 55th Street in Manhattan.

I remember seeing this dance troup when she was principle dancer. She’s a national treasure.

PBS ran a great documentary on this dance troup: Dance in America: Beyond the Steps: Alvin Aley American Dance Theater.

Network Solutions, ICANN Sued Over Domain Front Running

Network Solutions, ICANN Sued Over Domain Front Running

I just experienced this the other day and it really pissed me off.

I used the whois lookup field at Network Solutions to look up a domain I was thinking of registering. The domain was available and Network solutions popped me onto a page with all sorts of upsell crap on it (buy misspellings, .org, .net, etc.). I left that site and went over to to see what they’d charge for the domain and when I looked it up there it was taken. I went back to Network solutions and low and behold, they’d tied up what 2 minutes before was an available domain.

I was mad as hell. I hope they go out of business with practices like this and if ICANN is part of it that really sucks. What a racket.

[via David Clark]



Waterbury, Connecticut. This is my granddaughter Erin’s cousin Meghan who’s a little over a year old. Yesterday at Erin’s 7th birthday party Meghan knew she had all of the adults in her pocket and played it well.

Totemic Honey Dipper

Totemic Honey Dipper

Warren, Connecticut. We were in a mall yesterday looking for a birthday present for the grandkid and after drooling in the Apple Store I wandered into Williams Sanoma, a high end cooking tools store. I wanted to buy everything, but having all of that stuff means someone actually has to cook with it. Perish the thought.

We eat very little honey and don’t keep it in a "pot" that would accommodate a honey dipper like this but I liked the look of this thing anyway, it’s quite photogenic, sort of like a totem.

Anne rolled her eyes as I bought it.