Totemic Honey Dipper

Totemic Honey Dipper

Warren, Connecticut. We were in a mall yesterday looking for a birthday present for the grandkid and after drooling in the Apple Store I wandered into Williams Sanoma, a high end cooking tools store. I wanted to buy everything, but having all of that stuff means someone actually has to cook with it. Perish the thought.

We eat very little honey and don’t keep it in a "pot" that would accommodate a honey dipper like this but I liked the look of this thing anyway, it’s quite photogenic, sort of like a totem.

Anne rolled her eyes as I bought it.


  1. Greg: it would shock you how simple it is.

    White laminate Ikea table
    White wall behind
    Skylight off the upper right corner

    135mm f/2 lens about 3′ away from dipper, wall about 2′ behind it. Tripod of course.

    That’s it. The light is natural (always a plus) and the corner where the table meets the wall is wiped out by the shallow dof of the fast lens. Quite a simple shot, actually. Give it a go, it’s fun.

  2. Thanks Richard.
    I figured the lighting might be simple, but your Ikea table is what’s throwing me off. It looks like a fancy-shmancy studio setup; meaning a enclosed structure with maybe some softboxes. The subtle reflection just adds that extra touch to an already well lit image. :)

  3. Greg: I don’t have any studio lighting equipment. The only thing I have that I use on occasion are some collapsible diffusers and a collapsible reflector. Not used here although could have had the light been stronger from right right making the exposure too contrasty.

  4. Richard: nice catch on the honey dripper. Williams-Sonoma has lots of cool stuff and you picked a good for a photo. And of course, it’s beautifully photographed as well. I’m jealous of your skylight.

  5. Dale, yeah, I’m liking photographing everyday things, less as product shots, more as totemic art (which could work as a product shot too, just not my intention).

    The skylights are now completely covered with snow and it’s still snowing. Ugh, no indoor photography like this today.

  6. I’m a designer working on a honey package design. I knew I could buy one online but I “needed it now.” Anyhow, I searched every store in St. Louis after driving to a few, and calling places asking “Do you happen to sell honey dippers?” Only to hear, “Uhm, what is that?,” or “Huh?”

    After a long awaited two days, I found one single store in the entire city that sold them, 30 min away. At last, the long awaited honey dipper. It was this exact dipper. It’s great.

  7. Glad you found one Jon. My guess it’s made by hand on a lathe although it might be in a shop overseas. Do you know where it’s made?

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