Month: August 2008

Barack Obama’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention

This is an excellent web presentation with three columns: video, transcript, and section jumps. Clicking on a section jump moves the transcript and the video to that place. Beautifully done. All important speeches need this treatment and they’ve given it to what I consider an even more important speech Obama gave in Philadelphia on race during the primaries: Obama’s Speech on Race.

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Panorama from the Democratic Party in Denver

QuickTime Panorama from the DNC in Denver

It looks to me like Obama’s idea of having a rally in a big stadium instead of a convention center paid off. The place was packed and the energy was high. This photograph captures a bit of it. Note that it was done with a Canon XSi and a Sigma 8mm f3.5 circular fisheye lens. It was four shots around on a custom rig with the camera set to ISO 1600 and aperture priority metering. Nice image(s).

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Women Are Heros Project

Women Are Heroes is a photographic project by a French photographer, “JR” that depicts women in Kenya, South Sudan, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Brazil, and soon India, Cambodia, and Laos with large scale architectural installations of photographs.

The Big Picture has captured some of this work in Brazil: Scenes from Rio de Janeiro.

The first, third, and fourth photographs in the set show this work in place in Rio.

The French photographer identified as JR is launching a project called “Women Are Heroes”, through which the photographs of women, relatives of the victims of clashes between the police and drug traffickers, were placed in the facades of the houses. This project already took place in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Liberia, and will be taken to India, Cambodia, Laos and Morocco after Brazil.

David Pogue on the new Nikon D90

New Nikon Holds a Secret

But don’t knock Live View. It, after all, is the key to the breakthrough feature of the D90, the secret that turns it into a completely new kind of recording instrument. Ready?

The D90 is the first S.L.R. in the world that can record video.

High-definition video, at that. Stunning, vivid, 720p, widescreen, 1024-by-720, 24-frames-per-second video, with the color and clarity that only an S.L.R. can provide.

Evidently, it occurred to some engineer: “Hey, we’re already showing a video image. Isn’t that, in essence, what Live View is? Maybe we could figure out a way to record it!”

Pogue’s review, while aimed at consumers, not camera geeks, is a pleasure to read and whether or not recording HD video is important to you, it’s a marketing coup by Nikon.

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