Month: October 2008

Rooftop views of Moscow

Moscow, the roof view

Call me unworldly but I continue to get a charge out of contemporary views of different places in the world. I’m not talking National Geographic or professional photojournalism here, just great shots taken by a variety of people.

I can see a future where universal geotagging will links these views up with maps so we’ll be able to move back and forth easily and seamlessly between the photograph and a map and maybe there’ll be even more channels of information to give even more context to each picture.

It’s coming.

[via Coudal Partners Blended Feed]

Andrew Sullivan: Why I Blog

Andrew Sullivan has written a great pice for The Atlantic: Why I Blog.

Sullivan’s blog: The Daily Dish has become quite popular and not just because he’s a conservative for Obama, also because he’s smart and articulate.

The radio show OnPoint is doing a piece right now called Can Bloggers Save Journalism? which is fascinating. I recommend listening to this show, either through the link at the top of that page when the show is over in 10 minutes, or, through the iTunes Music Store.