Month: December 2008

Waiting for the subway

Waiting for the subway

New York City. A quick shot of Anne on our way back to Grand Central and home after a satisfying Afghan dinner.

I really like the auto ISO feature on the new Canon bodies. Even though I can’t set the threshold where it switches it seems to be pretty smart about keeping shutter speeds high enough for decent images. And, the light weight of the XSi with a 50mm f/1.4 lens and hood on it makes for a nice little package.

Friday evening in New York

Lower Manhattan in setting sun

New York City. Riding the Staten Island Ferry is always a good thing to do because it gets you away from Manhattan for a different perspective (without going to New Jersey). Combine that with dusk and you have a winning combination. Others had the same idea, the ferry was packed with sightseers.

Lower Manhattan in setting sun

Lower Manhattan and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Taken from the Staten Island Ferry which is about to dock in lower Manhattan.

Red Cube and tower near Wall Street

This was taken in the financial district. I really do enjoy a wide angle focal length among office towers, very dramatic.

Gary in Times Square

Friday night in New York is one thing, combine that with Holiday time and stand in Times Square and you have wall to wall chaos. Gary and I were in heaven although I certainly would not want to be there on New Year’s eve.

Live view of live view

I waited a split second too long, the image was on his screen and then disappeared just before I took this shot. Still, this is Times Square x 10,000. Come New Years Eve, x 500,000 no doubt.