Month: January 2009

The Places We Live

The Places We Live

This is a fantastic collection of panoramic images of slums in Caracas, Venezuela, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya, Dharavi, Mumbai, India, and Jarkarta, Indonesia in slide show form with incredible stereo sound and narration. The images and sound are by Jonas Bendiksen who is part of Magnum. This collection is both a show and a book.

The site expands your browser window full screen but this site is worth the intrusion. The effect is like you’re there.


David Bergman’s “gigapan” of Barack Obama’s Inauguration

David Bergman has created one of the most popular images of Obama’s inauguration, this 1.47 gigapixel panned image: President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address.

The images has been online for a while but the server it was on was having a rough time with the heavy loads. I’m pretty sure it’s on a better server now.

Zoom in behind Obama, above the red arch to find Yo Yo Ma taking a picture with what looks like his cell phone. There are various other fun easter eggs in the image that can be found by zooming in and panning around: people sleeping and making funny faces in the cold and more.

Amazingly, the image was made with a Canon PowerShot G10 camera by stitching together 220 separate images. You can see various places where people moved but for the most part the image is seamless.