Month: June 2009

Man Modifies Pickup To Run On Wood, Waste

Man Modifies Pickup To Run On Wood, Waste

From the first time he saw Emmett “Doc” Brown fire up the Mr. Fusion home energy reactor in the “Back to the Future” movies, Dave Nichols has always wanted to make a vehicle run on garbage.

Two decades after the trilogy, the 42-year-old home builder and auto shop owner from eastern Connecticut isn’t traveling through time in a DeLorean, yet. But he’s modified his 1989 Ford F150 pickup truck to run on wood, leaves, cardboard and other “biomass” with a fuel system that he says expels virtually no pollution.

This is quite amazing. I must get over to Killingly to check this out.

Gates buys Feynman’s “Messenger” lectures

Gates buys Feynman’s “Messenger” lectures to become freely available for public

I just found this post and watched the first four of seven youTube segments of this first lecture and it’s fantastic. Richard Feynman was a character who enjoyed giving lectures on the history of science in his thick New York accent, telling amusing anecdotes along the way. This lecture series is on gravity and if you just watch the videos posted at the Atheist Media Blog above you’ll have a good idea of why Feynman was so popular among his students and among lay people.

Bravo to Bill Gates for purchasing the lectures from Cornell so that they could be made available to the public.

If you want to have some fun, watch these youTube videos.