Irving Penn: Small Trades at The Getty

PlumberThe Getty Center has an incredible show up: Irving Penn: Small Trades.

This is a large collection of portraits of window washers, plumbers, bakers, waiters and more, shot in the early 1950s in New York, London, and Paris.

Penn is both one of the greatest portrait photographers and one of the greatest photographic printers and these images are spectacular.

These images have never been shown together before and I’ve rarely seen a show of Penn images this large: 155 gelatin silver prints and 97 platinum/palladium prints, beautifully displayed and documented.

Anyone who knows Penn’s work should make the time to see this show and any portrait photographer really ought to see this show as part of an essential photographic education.

The book covering the entire show is available from Amazon: Irving Penn: Small Trades (Hardcover).

2 thoughts on “Irving Penn: Small Trades at The Getty

  1. Andreas

    Richard, if you like Penn’s work, I’m certain that you will find August Sander’s photographs of interest. The categorization of the persons, he photographed, in his “People of the 20th Century” is fascinating, too, since it does not reflect prejudice but rather sympathy with outlaws and members of the so-called lower classes.

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