1. My pictures are often blurry from a less than steady hand, but between my eyeglass necklace and then the PVC pipe stabilizer, just too too nerdly even for me.

  2. Sheryl: Best to hold the camera tight to your face and use your head/nose as a stabilizer. Yeah, I’d never use pipe on my chest but hey, some people love stuff like this.

  3. oh, so that is what I am doing wrong! I have been holding the camera away from my eye and looking at the image through the LCD monitor rather than the viewfinder.

  4. Sheryl: Nothing wrong with doing it that way if you have steady arms and/or if the camera has image stabilization (a built in gyroscope to keep things steady).

    One of the reasons many of us get blurry images is not holding our camera’s in a secure way. We all do it and these days with LCD monitors it’s happening more than ever.

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