Month: May 2010

Canon Hack Development Kit

Tweaking a Camera to Suit a Hobby

The [Canon Hack Development Kit (or C.H.D.K. for short)] software has allowed photographers using more than 50 models of Canon PowerShot cameras to reprogram the time lapse instructions to record construction projects or to use motion-sensing programs to capture animals in the deep woods. It can also be used to alter the camera’s exposure control to produce imaginative images in difficult lighting.

Wow, fantastic piece by Peter Wayner on a loosely knit group of developers who write and share firmware hack scripts for Canon PowerShot cameras.

Collecting and arranging and making art

Between blogs like Peter Nencini’s and Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day I’m finally seeing a focus for my ongoing interest in both collecting and attempting to document my collections. There is also a connection to scrapbooking here.

In a way, this work pulls me back to my interest in the work of Joseph Cornell, Kurt Schwitters but also Andy Worhol’s grids of soup cans and Brillo boxes.

I have a long time interest in mail art and met the artist and stamp maker Leavenworth Jackson through that medium. Here work, too, is a piece of this puzzle.

In short, it’s not just the collecting, it’s also the connecting and arranging (and photographing) for both meaning and visual interest.