Month: September 2010

James Burke and Connections

Jason Kottke posted a clip of James Burke from the BBC series Connections speaking about the history of rocket technology:

I hadn’t thought about the Connections series since the late 1970′s, early 1980′s when it was broadcast. I found the entire series and more on youTube in Burke’s area: James Burke Web. You can watch each segment there.

Connections is a history of science and technology by way of stories told in a fascinating way by Burke. Burke’s dress and some of the production values seem dated but the writing and ideas hold up beautifully.

Robert MacNeil on the history of the PBS NewsHour

No Blaring: MacNeil on Emmy, Keeping a Reasonable Tone in Broadcast News

I’ve been watching the PBS NewsHour for most of my adult life and the folks who put this show together are like family to me.

The producers of the show have done a first rate job of slowly moving the show onto the internet and now one can watch each story each night on their site as well as comment on their various posts.

As the rest of the “news” culture in the US sinks to lower and lower depths to get market share, The NewsHour continues to stay level headed and and has kept a loyal and growing audience for decades.