1. Is name is João, not Joaco. And he lost both legs, I don’t think is gear is the most important now, especially if you read the words in the link you provided. He deserves much wisely words at this moment in is reference.

  2. Rui: I’m sorry my post upset you. I fixed the spelling of his name (my typo). My reference to his gear is not meant to undermine the seriousness of what happened to him, sorry you took it that way.

    Why don’t you post those wise words in your comments here. I don’t know enough about him except from the linked to piece and his photography to say any more than I have.

  3. Dear Richard, I’m sorry if I sounded rude. I follow your blog for a few years now and I think I wasn’t expecting such “empty” words from you to a news like this, was it concerning João, Kevin Carter or any other respectable photojournalist. I truly believe that it was not intentional. Maybe because I was, and still am, to emotional concerning what happened to João when I wrote that comment that was my reaction, since its not my habit to comment on blogs, for I have great respect concerning everybody’s thoughts and believes, and if I just dislike them I stop reading, which by far is not the case here. All my words to João I post them at ruivaz.org, it’s in Portuguese they say nothing more than the whole community haven’t said yet. I’ll be watching you trough the feeds :).

  4. Rui: While I was initially taken aback by your comment it was absolutely appropriate and correct; my post made light of the situation. Please note, in the NY Times piece that I read and linked to, there was no mention (this morning) of Joao losing his legs. That shouldn’t matter in this situation but just to clarify. It upsets me terribly to hear that.

    My intention, if poorly executed, was to acknowledge his situation and also the quality of his photography. The gear piece is something that I personally am working on at the moment and when I see professionals (in this case with two 5D bodies and two different lenses) I make note of it. You’re absolutely right though, to mix the gear in with the incident makes light of his situation. That was not my intension.

    Thanks for following me here, it’s great knowing you’re out there (keeping me on the straight and narrow). You should always feel free to nudge me in the right direction, either in comments or email. rwanderman at gmail dot com.

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