Month: December 2010

Support Joao Silva

Photographs To Cover Cost Of Medical Bills

João Silva, 44, a South African photographer on contract with The New York Times, stepped on a mine while accompanying American soldiers patrolling an area near the town of Arghandab in southern Afghanistan on October 23rd, 2010. Despite immediate help from medics, both his legs were lost below the knees.

Now his friends are auctioning some of his most famous photographs to cover his medical bills. You can also donate to his medical fund via paypal at this site: Support Joao Silva

Flags in blizzard

Flags in blizzard

Warren, Connecticut. The snow is almost over but the wind continues to howl outside. These days people make a huge deal out of storms like the one that just hit the East Coast (the Weather Channel effect) but in fact, this storm has lived up to the hype: we have about 20″ of snow on the ground here and more in drifts.

The driveway will be no fun to clear but we’re going down the road to dig Dave out and he’ll come up here to help Gary and me get things cleaned up at our place. We’re putting that off as long as possible.

The good news is that we never lost power throughout the entire storm (yet) and so, have been able to stay connected to the outside world through the internet. What was life like pre-net? Probably better but hey, it makes for great entertainment during a big storm.

Hope you’re warm and dry wherever you are.

Prayer flags in early morning light

Prayer flags in early morning light

Warren, Connecticut. I’ve been collecting these Tibetan prayer flags for many years now and our backyard is starting to look a bit like Everest base camp. Our cat, who died a year ago is buried right under them and hopefully the flags and her spirit will keep the rodent population down in the backyard while at the same time bringing peace to the world.

I hope you’re warm and cozy wherever you are and may your world be as peaceful and rodent free as my backyard.

Tumblr and WordPress

Tumblr Now Has More Money & More Pageviews Than WordPress (Including Sequoia Money)

The two most popular hosted blogging platforms, tumblr and WordPress are duking it out. This blog runs on WordPress but it’s an installed version, not the hosted version that the article is about. Interesting statistics and the fact that new venture money is being aimed at tumblr is significant.

All of these services go down, but tumblr suffered an outage that lasted more than a day and infuriated some of the more popular bloggers hosted there. No doubt WordPress has gone down in a similar fashion.

Word Lens

Wow, this is impressive, not just for translation but also for ESL and even slow english readers.

The app is a demo, not really useful and to get Spanish to English will cost you $4.99, English to Spanish another $4.99. The price is fine but the app should include both of these and cost $9.99. Giving a way the engine and then selling the languages seems like an awkward way to do this.

[via Edward McKeown]