Month: April 2011

iZettle, moving towards a cashless economy

Following on the heels of Square we have iZettle.

These are different from near field communication which is no doubt coming to mobile phones as well (payment by waving phone in the air).

Then there’s Mobil Speedpass, EZ Pass and no doubt many more systems like these.

Lots of ways to move money around without handling cash. Reminds me of an article some friends and I wrote about these things in 2002: Digital Independence. It’s dated now but many of the things we talked about almost ten years ago are taken for granted now.

Header pictures

I’ve been asked many times over the years about the pictures that appear at the top (header) of this site. So, I’ve finally decided to make a page that explains them.

Notice that there’s a link to that page on the sidebar in the first section and one on this site’s About page under “Header Pictures.”

The header pictures rotate automatically and are changed from time to time so if there’s one you want to know about that you’ve not seen on the Headers page look again, I’ll post to that page as I add new headers to the site.

For those technically inclined, the rotating script is from Matt Mullenweg and can be found here:

I took all the pictures with a variety of cameras over many years. I crop them to fit and store them in a Keynote file that makes it easy to rescale them.

Thanks for your nice feedback over the years about the images, I have many more to put up and will add them slowly over time.

Lens Cap Trap


A simple velcro kit for sticking a lens cap onto a camera strap so you don’t lose it. Very nicely done, not too expensive (you could make it yourself but why?) and its worth a try if you misplace lens caps.

I might give this a try although I tend to leave a lens hood on the lens on my camera and leave it uncapped while walking around or during an entire shoot, leaving the lens’ cap in my camera bag.

[via PetaPixel]

Bear Mountain in sunlight

Bear Mountain in Sunlight

Salisbury, Connecticut. Driving north toward the town of Salisbury I noticed that the storm clouds over Bear Mountain lifted and the sun lit it up. Dave in the car ahead of me noticed it too and we both stopped to try to get a shot of it.

We used two cars because we hiked from Salisbury to Bear Mountain on the Appalachian trail (the ridge to the left of Bear Mountain), one way, car to car. Very nice hike but the trail was flooded with water in places from the heavy rain we had on Saturday. You can see the stream in this field swollen as well.

More from Pine Swamp Beaver Pond


This small maple was felled directly toward the beaver lodge. No doubt they brought it down for food and a bit of house construction material.

Tree and reeds

The upper part of the small maple with grass and reeds reflected in the pond.

Reflected reeds

Reeds reflected in the beaver pond. The upper right hand corner is a beaver dam that spans the Pine Swamp forming the main pond that the lodge is in. There are four other dams that are part of this system.

All of these images were taken with the iPhone and the Instagram app using various filters.