iZettle, moving towards a cashless economy

Following on the heels of Square we have iZettle.

These are different from near field communication which is no doubt coming to mobile phones as well (payment by waving phone in the air).

Then there’s Mobil Speedpass, EZ Pass and no doubt many more systems like these.

Lots of ways to move money around without handling cash. Reminds me of an article some friends and I wrote about these things in 2002: Digital Independence. It’s dated now but many of the things we talked about almost ten years ago are taken for granted now.


  1. square is awesome, I have used it and love it. one of the issues is that it does not accept smart cards but izettle does that is cool.

  2. I know you love Square Edward and I must say, trying it out with you was amazing. I might have to get one of these things at some point…

  3. I experienced a cashless economic experience just this morning. My neighbor helped take down a 90+year-old oak and dropped it between another tree it could have gotten hung on and the eastern side of my precious house! His skills are being compensated for by some of the derivative firewood that is yielded by such an event. No dollars changed hands. Thanks, Richard!

  4. My pleasure Bill. Your trust and help made it all possible. Let me know when you want to continue work on the “carcass.”

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