Month: July 2011

The War in Hipstamatic

The War in Hipstamatic

Spectacular war photography, done on an iPhone.

But in this unique collection of photographs, largely taken on iPhones using an app called Hipstamatic that allows users to digitally manipulate “lenses,” “flashes,” and “film stock,” we found something exceptionally powerful: a record of the lives of U.S. Marines in Helmand province in 2010 and 2011 and of the Afghans they interacted with. It is by no means a comprehensive look at 10 years of war, but it is an evocative and profound slice of life — at the beginning of the end of the longest conflict in U.S. history.

[via Gary Sharp]

Lion doesn’t “burp” my MacBook Pro

Lion no longer “burps” the optical drive when you wake your MacBook Pro up from sleep. This makes me very happy.

I’ve also noticed that the Bluetooth control panel’s control for allowing and disallowing bluetooth accessories to wake the computer from sleep is also working as it should. My MacBook Pro can now hibernate and sleep correctly while still using a Magic Mouse.

These are nice details that let me know what Apple kept track of a lot of small sleep issues in Snow Leopard and fixed them.


Google+ comic

Great comic by Randall Munroe over at xkcd.

A number of my friends (both virtual and analog) sent me invites to Google+, Google’s new social tool and I decided to give it a try, mostly because Andy Hertzfeld was the lead designer of it and I have great respect for him (see Switcher).

Just so you know, I tried Facebook for a year and my friend Gary and I decided to kill our accounts on the same day. Social networking for the sake of social networking just doesn’t work for me. I already track hundreds of sites via RSS and use Twitter to track a different set of sources. I use this blog and the comment threads of other blogs and news sites to post my ideas and comment on other people’s ideas. I don’t need a central place to track all of this stuff, I have tools on my computer for that and they work quite well. Hey, it’s a personal thing, no doubt Facebook and Google+ are working for a lot of people and that’s great (I think).

Anyway, it took me 36 hours of non use (but I did poke around) to decided to delete my Google+ account. However, in typical fashion, Google doesn’t make it all that easy to find the way to do that. Even though I’m a Gmail and Google Reader user I use non-Google, third party applications to access mail and RSS feeds. This “trouble fixer” site helped me figure out how to delete my Google+ account without disturbing my other Google accounts: How To Delete Google Plus or Google+ Account Safely Without Deleting Google or Gmail Account.

Okay, back to enjoying Lion’s roar.