Instagram 2.0 upgrade a downgrade

Instagram 2.0 review: Insta-grumble

I agree, the recent big Instagram upgrade was terrible, images aren’t saved into the main library anymore, the filters suck, and the entire operation of the app has been slowed down and downgraded.

I’m going to go back to using Path a bit more and I’m not crazy about its UI either but at this point its better than Instagram.

For those who don’t know about these iOS Apps they’re iPhone photography apps that allow posting to a mini social network of your friends (limited number, not the whole world). Instagram also allows simultaneous posting to Twitter and Flickr from inside the app which is very convenient.

Both apps will geotag images which is nice and allow a bit of key word tagging as well. While I don’t use my iPhone as a primary camera I do enjoy taking pictures with it and the fact that these apps allow posting pictures instantly (if one has a connection, either wifi or cellular) makes them appealing.

[via Daring Fireball]


  1. I didn’t know about Path app. Thanks for the link. It seems an interesting approach even though I do not have so many friends with suitable mobile phones.

  2. Jonne: Neither instagram or path is perfect (what app is?) and I think there’s still room in the space for someone to do a better one.

    I like to use flickr as my repository for much of my photography because it’s all in one place and that place is familiar to me and I can then embed those images at my own web site if I like. And, given that I’m still finding “real” cameras better than the iPhone for most of my work iPhone photography only social tools like these are novel but not of primary importance to me.

  3. Jonas: Sorry I missed your comment. Yes, I’m sure many will be ditching Instagram until they clean it up. I’m going to go back to posting to flickr directly from my iPhone and will probably do a bit more shooting on hikes with my S95 which makes better images anyway. Thanks.

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