Month: October 2011

United Terminal tunnel lights

United terminal tunnel

I was looking forward to photographing the lights in the tunnel connecting United’s terminal B and C in Chicago. I used to fly through there weekly but haven’t flown through in years now since I fly from JFK to LAX. This trip I decided to try doing it in two legs: Hartford to Chicago, Chicago to Los Angeles. Not too bad although I do miss the wifi on United’s PS flights. I’ll probably go back to that trip template for my next one but it was fun to see this tunnel again.

United terminal tunnel

Elastec American/Marine Oil Skimmer Nets $1 Million X Prize

Revolutionary Oil Skimmer Nets $1 Million X Prize

Jacob McCleland at NPR has a great story this morning.

A breakthrough in oil cleanup technology allows crews to skim spilled oil off the water’s surface at a much faster rate. The new device wasn’t developed by Exxon, BP or any of the major oil companies — it’s the work of Elastec American/Marine, based in Illinois. And the design won the company a rich prize from the X Prize Foundation.