How Germany became Europe’s richest country

This was an excellent segment last night about Europe’s debt crisis and why many German’s resent bailing out Greece, among other countries.


  1. great piece and yes I think everyone in Europe resent bailing out geese and they do not have a choice.

    a few stats:
    40% of the work force is employed by the government. they are refusing to lay anyone off or increasing the tax and the deficit reaching 15% of GDP in 2009 and in 2010 11% (thanks to in crease taxes). well today they might be broke unless the EU and the IMF bail them out but all of that come with conditions.

    Germany, France need the euro and for the euro to survive it needs Geese Spain Portugal and Italy to be in it.

    the future will be interesting for sure and I am thinking that some major changes will be happening this week or next.

  2. I hope/pray we can get through our stupid election season without a huge problem over there cascading to over here. Americans are so stupid these days that they’ll blame Obama for Greek default on debt.

  3. ha that could be true well I don’t blame him for that, maybe a few other issues but let not get political ;) anyways I think the euro zone issue are deep and very problematic.

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