Canon PowerShot S100 firmware update

Canon has released a firmware update for its popular Canon PowerShot S100 compact camera.

As a Canon DSLR user I’m not unfamiliar with updating firmware and I went to their site (which has been and remains awful), chose my operating system from their pull down menu (Mac OS X v. 10.7) and downloaded both a folder full of PDF instructions in various languages and a zipped file that contained the firmware update.

I noticed that the zipped file was called which gave me pause but I’d chosen my OS from the pull down so I figured someone had forgotten to rename the file.

I went through the motions to install the update but could not get my camera to recognize it. I tried this four times with no luck. I emailed Canon telling them about this problem and got an email back telling me that the firmware update won’t be available for Mac OS until Mid-March.

Three things:

1. The site made no mention of this as it should have. It does now although still allows choosing Mac OS and downloading the file which is stupid.

2. How hard is it to release the firmware update for all OS’s on the same day?

3. More to the point, how hard is it to make an installer for the Mac? My word, Canon has been in business selling cameras to Mac users for many years, why are they so slow to realize that a significant number of people who bought the S100 are Mac users?

The fact that Canon is still treating the Mac as an afterthought gives me pause in buying more Canon camera equipment. I’ve made a serious commitment to Canon but Canon has not made a serious commitment to me.

The good news is that this firmware update isn’t all that important to me; if we are to believe their release notes it’s all about HD video, not about still photography. The S100 remains a great camera but Canon as a company has fallen short.

3 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot S100 firmware update

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  2. Someone

    Man you’re whiny.

    Suck it up. Choosing a platform that isn’t the dominant one always means you’ll get second rate service on a lot of products. I refuse to own any i products (or anything that they sell) due to several reasons. For Windows, I almost always get supported; there’s very few companies that don’t (some fanboys running companies will damage their own bottom line by not doing so). I have an Android based cell phone which only recently has been getting the attention of developers and plug-in hardware manufacturers.

    Do I whine about it? No. I go out and buy the companies that do, and speak with my wallet.

    Plus, a firmware update should consist of dropping a file on the SD card, entering review mode, and finding the Firmware update option in the menu. (It’s like this for my SD870IS)

  3. Richard Post author

    Someone: I agree, a firmware update does consist of dropping a standard file on an SD card unless Canon encrypts it in a way that can’t be read by Unix of Macintosh operating systems. Man, you’re ignorant.

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