TED talks on Netflix

TED expands its reach with streaming talks on Netflix

Netflix streaming library doesn’t have all the deep content their DVD library has but it has plenty of gems and there’s enough content up there to justify an AppleTV if you’re into such things.

Now you can watch TED talks on your computer, iPad, iPhone or, your TV.

Searching for stuff like this on AppleTV is tough but setting up a nice, fat Netflix streaming que on your computer is easy. Here’s the beginning of a TED list to add to your que if you’re into such things: TED Talks on Netflix.

2 thoughts on “TED talks on Netflix

  1. Alex Forbes

    Richard, I found a Slashdot link to TED on blog.memvance.com. Originally, I intended to just monitor the first piece on the origin of big ideas, with Adam Savage. I ended up being fascinated by all nine of the short videos. I learned something new from each and every one.

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