Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge

I was browsing through the iPad version of The Guardian Eyewitness photo app for iPad and found this interesting image of the Aizhai suspension bridge, Hunan, China. What the image shows looks odd; the bridge looks more like a tower crane.

A bit of searching turned up this collection of images, this collection of images, this video, and this description.

The Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge is located on the G65 Baotou–Maoming Expressway near Jishou, Hunan, China. It links together two tunnels 1,176m apart, and 355m above Hunan’s Dehang Canyon. A key section of the 64km-long Jishou-Chadong Expressway, the bridge features a standard two-way, four-lane motorway. The expressway runs through 18 tunnels in total, which cover about half of its length.

It is the sixth-highest bridge in the world and the world’s twelfth-longest suspension bridge. Of the world’s 400 or so highest bridges, none has a main span as long as Aizhai. It is also the world’s highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge.

Wow. Now that would be a fun bridge to walk across.

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