How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

This is quite a good article on both the history of flickr and how Yahoo has killed it over time. Worth reading for flickr users but also for anyone interesting in the history of these types of sites on the web.

Had they not sold flickr to Yahoo it would be interesting to know what Stewart Butterfield and Catarina Fake would have done with flickr over the years since.

[via Michaela Hackner]

2 thoughts on “How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

  1. Andrew

    I saw that article. I keep reading about the death of Flickr. But I visit every day, multiple times a day. There is still nothing like it. Perhaps I am too old or something, but I don’t see Flickr as a “social” site or a mobile site. I see it as a great photography site. I don’t use Facebook, I use Instagram as a camera, not a site or service, and my own work is not nearly professional enough for 500px. I also have a separate photography blog (I would love to be able to have blog-like posts on Flickr) and I use Zenfolio to share photos with family and friends.

    Sure, Flickr has been left to languish, but that’s OK with me. It serves its purpose in my book. Just today I discovered a few new photographers who’s work is fantastic and inspiring.

    My concern is that yahoo fails and takes Flickr with it. Sell it to someone who sees it for what it is – a fantastic photography site – but updates it with new features that serves its core mission.

  2. Richard Post author

    I agree Andrew. As you know, I too us flickr daily and host almost all of the images I take that are posted at this site and elsewhere on it. I’m a very old skool user having signed up a year after flickr started.

    While the piece does a great job of describing how yahoo has missed the boat by letting flickr languish, I’m glad it hasn’t adopted ever new social tool available, what it has works quite well. It does, however, need a shot in the arm (ass) and a decent mobile app. I’m not confident yahoo which is itself on life support these days, will do it.

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