My mother was 97 yesterday

My mother was 97 yesterday

Los Angeles, California. Another year, another birthday. Amazingly, my mother is still going (a bit less strongly) at 97. I couldn’t get her to sit for enough shots to get a bit of a non-forced smile out of her so this rather serious look was the best image I got. Trust me, she still has her (naughty) sense of humor and still surprises all of us with her verbal wit.


15 thoughts on “My mother was 97 yesterday

  1. Gary

    Richard, This portrait of your Mom really turned out very fine. Happy Birthday Frances!!

  2. Scott James

    Wonderful, Richard! What a great series of shots of your mother you’ve made. How about a chronological set one day? Great job.

  3. Richard Post author

    Thanks all. Scott, I’m beginning work on a MagCloud print piece on my mother. Not sure it will have a chronology although that’s a good idea but it will have images of her and scanned ephemera. I have a lot of stuff on her from way back. Let’s see if I can finish it at some point…. any point.

  4. Richard Post author

    Edward: There’s nothing like a DSLR with a nice lens for a picture like this. No way could a smaller camera do this although they’re getting closer.

    I would normally shoot this with my 135mm f/2 L but I used my 100mm f/2.8 IS L Macro instead and it worked quite well.

  5. Richard Post author

    Sandrine! Great to hear from you, long lost friend. Thanks. Maybe I have a few of those genes… ya never know.

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