Glen Denny Photography

Glen Denny Photography

Back in the day (1960′s) when Royal Robbins, Tom Frost, Chuck Pratt, Yvon Chouinard, Warren Harding and many others were putting up big walls in Yosemite Valley, Glen Denny was not only along for the ride but was photographing Yosemite climbing and culture. Anyone who’s read about this era in rock climbing history has seen Denny’s photographs in various books. Here they are online.

2 thoughts on “Glen Denny Photography

  1. sheryl

    Wonderful photos and portraits. I especially like the lack of “high tech” clothing (love the beautiful wool sweaters), and not a cell phone to be seen. Everyone seems fully engaged in the moment!

  2. Richard Post author

    Sheryl: That was the time… very analog. Interestingly, many in that group were mathematicians and physicists, or, drop outs. A very interesting mix of people. This was the “beat generation” of climbers for sure.

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