Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

PBS’s American Masters recently ran their bio of the late late night comedian, Johnny Carson. If you missed it you can watch the entire thing, full screen (zoom it out) at the link above. It’s a fantastic biography of a fascinating man and Carson’s career runs parallel to the early history of television and the various people interviewed for this piece are also pioneers. Very worthwhile although put aside an two hours if you’re going to watch it all the way through in one shot.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Carson: King of Late Night

  1. Scott James

    I watched this twice on PBS and was fascinated and entertained. I used to watch Johnny quite a bit back when. This is a piece of nostalgia and a nice tribute to a talented man. He still makes me laugh.

  2. Richard Post author

    Scott: I rarely watched Carson, just not a late night sort of guy, but I always appreciated what he did and the relative wholesomeness of it all.

    I love the documentary; it’s such an amazing trip down a memory lane we both know well.

    Man, what a boat he had. Wow.

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