Curiosity just days away from Mars

Curiosity just days away from mars

A spectacular set of images of the building and launching of the Mars rover Curiosity. I’m guessing when this contraception enters the Mars atmosphere a lot of people (me included) are going to be glued to our TV sets, computers, tablets, smartphones, and radios.

Amazing how the number of things glued to has increased since the Apollo Moon landing.

Here’s a an excellent video on how the landing is supposed to work on August 5th:

4 thoughts on “Curiosity just days away from Mars

  1. sheryl

    So Richard, who will be broadcasting this and on what channel, or what?? It looks so impossible…but I betcha they do it.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Richard Post author

    Sheryl, I heard on the PBS NewsHour that they’ll be covering it, at least on their web site but my guess is CNN and all the regulars will be broadcasting it live. It’s going to be in the middle of the night EST I think. Stay tuned, I’ll do some research…

    Here’s Nasa’s page on it:

    They’ll certainly have live news updates there, not sure about video.

  3. Alex

    I’ve bookmarked USTREAM “Curiosity Cam” (NASA/JPL) at … The actual “event” should start about 130AM EST Monday (1030PM PST Sunday) so I should be able to stay up for it. Crossing my fingers, and hope we get lots of real science out of this!

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