Lookout from Wittenberg Mountain

Lookout from Wittenberg Mountain

My flickr contact and fellow Catskills hiker Tyler Sparks caught a magnificent shot on top of Wittenberg Mountain in the Catskills. Note the colors, the multiple lightning strikes, and the rain storm coming down (he said there was snow). Incredible image.

4 thoughts on “Lookout from Wittenberg Mountain

  1. Alex

    Great Flickr photo. Hiking in Kings Canyon in the 70′s, I holed up under some low scrub to wait out a close and fairly violent lightning storm. A younger fellow came hiking past with a long aluminum fishing rod canister sticking about 3′ above the top of his backpack. “Nice lighting rod!” I shouted. He shrugged and walked on. I didn’t encounter him again, so assume he made it.

  2. Gary

    That is a truly spectacular image Richard. Let’s hope for conditions like that the next time we hike in the Catskills!

  3. Richard Post author

    Alex: I think all of us have stories like that and the older we get, the more we can count our lucky stars we haven’t been struck.

    Gary, if you look to the left of this ridge you’ll see the Devil’s Path section we were on. This was shot from due south of the Devil’s Path. We saw that reservoir from the back side of Indian Head when we were “splinting” your finger.

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