Green chairs

Green chairs

Spring Street Natural Restaurant, New York. I somehow find myself eating at this place a lot when we’re not up for something more adventurous. They have Blue Point Toasted Lager on tap and it’s a nice respite after being on our feet all day. It’s also right on the #6 train so it’s a simple ride back up to Grand Central to catch Metro North home.

I locked focus on Gary and then swung around and shot the lights, hoping for something like this. Another Blue Point and I’d have been able to get this kind of image sans-camera.

10 thoughts on “Green chairs

  1. Richard Post author

    Thanks Jonne. I was experimenting with locking focus and recomposing to force shallow depth of field with nothing close in the frame. The quality of the bokeh isn’t up to an L or Fuji lens but it’s not bad for a small camera.

  2. Gary

    I was glad to play a small role in the making of this interesting photo, love the blur! What an excellent meal we had that afternoon, always great to dine with you at the Spring Street Natural Restaurant!

  3. Richard Post author

    Spring St. Natural isn’t high end but it’s decent, always has seating, and is in a perfect location for a rest after walking around New York with a camera.

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