Bill Lauf tuning before concert

Bill Lauf tuning before concert

Milton, Connecticut. My good friend Bill Lauf did a concert last night at Milton Hall and as always, it was a great time. Bill has a full time job and is on the road for work quite a bit yet he manages to write and record a lot of great music in his (little) spare time. He plays tenor guitar and he has a large collection of them, all present at the show last night. He has them tuned differently and he uses them selectively on different songs.

I missed having a DSLR in the low light of Milton Hall at night. The G15 did fine at 1600 ISO and my old 5D would have choked on it but the newer bodies can easily handle 1600 and above with little problem.

3 thoughts on “Bill Lauf tuning before concert

  1. Gary

    Richard, that’s a fine look at Bill getting ready for his concert, sure wish I could’ve been there too! And it was a good test of your G15, good to know it performs so well at ISO 1600.

  2. Richard Post author

    Gary: Actually, the G15 (and S100) aren’t great in these conditions, the jpegs weren’t all that noisy but they looked “smeary” which bothers me.

    Jonne has talked about having these types of problems with his Fuji and I’m thinking maybe shooting in RAW might solve this. I’ll try that next time but frankly, I was disappointed with the images of this concert.

  3. Gary

    Yes, I know that disappointment; it’ll take a big sensor DSLR for those conditions and a lens that’s wide open. I’m hoping the next generation of compacts brings more improvements in the the sensors, lens, and exposure systems to help us get good images in low light conditions.

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